Looking at two opposing presentations in terms of colour and texture, both of which I strongly respond to.

The first is a video by Masanobu Hiraoka accessed at

The hues used are mainly pastel and of low saturation with mainly juxtapositions of analogous colour so that there is a softness in what is seen emphasized by a strong use of curved lines rather than jagged edges. The gentleness in use of colour ensures the tension present is not in the presentation of colour but in the continually unexpected unfolding of the images.

The second is a texture image by ‘kleanthis’ accessed at image employs a use of a juxtaposition of dark and light values producing a chiaroscuro effect. The effect of the clash of neighboring colour values gives the work a texture that moves the lighter areas towards us and the darker away from us contrasting with the flatness of the canvas of the preceding video. There is a strong sense of a religious icon within the work.

While the colour and texture of the two presentations live in different worlds, I suspect one or the other will be a strong influence on my choices in the project. In an ideal situation, both approaches would appear, possibly beginning in the dark woods of the latter and resurrecting itself out of this challenging place into the uplifted and lighter tone of the former.


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