Although this unit’s main focus is on digital manipulation, I will keep in mind the use of non-digital manipulation. I like the idea of a change of what we see on the screen carried out using the non-digital processes such as stop/replacement/shoot/stop/replacement/shoot. It is the same effect as knowing that a stunt seen in a film has been carried out using  live action rather than a CGI procedure.

The Conjurer

The early filmmaker George Melies was using this technique. Here is his short film The Conjurer made in 1899 accessed at


Here is an ad made for the fashion firm Hermes followed by the breakdown. The purpose behind the making of the ad was to reflect the firm’s claim of handmade craftsmanship; the film was to be made the same way with no digital special effects. If viewers watching the promotion know that computer graphics were not used, the ad would gain their greater attention.

The promotion

The ad was accessed at

The breakdown

The breakdown was accessed at

Clearly a lot of pre-planning was carried out before going into the studio. And the same applies to the next example.

“I’m on a horse.”

An example of an ad that generated enormous attention (51.5 million plus on youtube) because of its making and helped create a major increase in product sales is the well-known Old Spice ad, most of which was created without special effects.
The ad was accessed at

The ad
The breakdown

And the making of was accessed at

The other great attraction in the ad was its sense of humour, the fact it played with the stereotype of ‘man as adorable hunk’. And of course, the great punchline; stating the obvious and adding to the image by suggesting the idea of the romance and testosterone of the cowboy in a western movie.

I hope that I can put together my 30 seconds to include a mixture of the tricks of replacement and the effects of digital manipulation.


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