Stop motion

This is a wonderful story told with great heart. It suggest to me that relationships can build character in each participant; that we can grow through those we meet, whether personally or through reading a writer’s work or all the other ways we get to know someone else. The ending is poignant and suggests to me that we finally truly meet when our egos are put aside for a moment and, for that moment, we become part of the great ocean of a more conscious life.
The audio works very well with the contrasting shifts from the warm low sound of the waves breaking on shore and the high wind rushing through the trees.
The contrasting relationships is heightened also by the temperatures of the two environments, the cold and warm seasons.
Montage to quickly illustrate a long period of time is effectively used with the series of short scenes of objects being placed in the bottle before being dispatched.

I will e telling part of my story in stop-motion and this video is an encouragement.


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