Synopsis: three

[I have roughly walked through the scenarios and believe I can realise each of them in the 30 seconds.]

Alfred cannot stand the world of niceness. His life experiences have taught him never to trust people who are nice; the smiley face hides the cold ambitious heart of an assassin.
He is surrounded by saccharine niceness in a candy-coloured world that is full of people determined and insistent on telling the world they are happy; they rain their unctuousness—the sugar-coating covering their nasty nature—down on him. He finds a way to dissolve that world and creates around him a world that satisfies his every dream, a world in which he reigns supreme.
Theme: Coming home to yourself
Resources: Self-generated
Context: Stand-alone short
Audience: General

Walter Mighty
Walter sits in his pyjamas at his secondhand table in his faded bedsit. On the table is a closed older laptop and a large fruit bowl containing a single banana and a solitary apple. In the background, his secondhand television mocks him with the sound of rich people effusively enjoying themselves. He absentmindedly picks up the banana and begins to peel it as it turns into a Walther PPK pistol, his clothes transform into a smart tuxedo and the room into a luxurious apartment. Two screaming masked ninja assassins appear. He shoots one and throws the apple which is now a poisonous smoke grenade at the other, who quickly expires. A doorbell rings. He calls out, “I’ll be right there, Areola Scarlet”. The room and his clothes return to reality as he rises and exits.
Theme: The pleasure of imagination
Resources: Self-generated except luxury apartment image. Pistol to be a toy.
Context: Stand-alone short
Audience: General

Alas, poor Zombie.
Zed and Zedd are two wise-cracking zombies working in the film industry who are disillusioned by the stereotypical casting they face at work. They are never cast as doctors or as merchant bankers but always as nasty flesh-eating individuals staggering towards the camera before being bloodily executed. Zed wants to spend more time with his family with outings such as family birthdays eating liver burgers at the local morgue. Zedd has hopes of becoming legit by playingYorick in a stage production of Hamlet. We see the contrast between their dreams and their everyday worklife as they take part in another bloody day on set.
Theme: Aspirations to a better life
Resources: Self-generated
Context: Stand-alone short
Audience: General


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