Visual Tests

See animatic

I followed this tutorial and used CC Rain.
I increased the amount of rain by adjusting the number and size of the drops as well as their opacity. To slant the drops slightly across the screen, I increased the wind to ‘150’.


Working off this tutorial, I used Fractal Noise to create the base material and then placed ellipse masks on a layer over the base material; added Turbulent Displace (with an expression); placed an adjustment layer on top and used Fast Blur, Vector Blur and Color Balance to give the portal its final touches.


Working from this tutorial, I duplicated each face onto a new layer and, using the pen tool, masked out the mouth/jaw area on the top layer. Then I placed a black solid layer below this layer and resized the solid to only be seen when the jaw dropped as I adjusted its position. I will be setting the composition on a loop for the assessment project.


Working from this tutorial, I created a black solid which I then manipulated using Particle Playground and Gaussian Blur to create the initial spray that will issue from the umbrella tip. I then added a second black solid layer on top and used CC Particle World to create the beginnings of the widespread spray and a third layer using CC Particle World to create the spray that spreads across the screen.


Working from this tutorial I used CC Particle World, altered the Particle Type to Textured Square and the Texture Layer to the emoji image. To have the images accumulate at the bottom of the screen I selected Floor Action to Bounce. I then adjusted Hue/Saturation and repeated the exercise on a new layer to create a second fall.


Working from this tutorial, I placed the image on a layer and applied the Shatter Effect. I then used the following settings: Pattern-Glass; Repetitions-40 to increase the number of pieces; increased the Extrusion Depth to .40 to give the pieces added thickness; altered Gravity to 1.00 and Viscosity to 0.4 to give a better fall. I then placed a sourced file of an explosion on the bottom layer and used Brightness & Contrast and Gamma/Pedestal/Gain to lighten and heighten the explosion effect.

Explosion source
This is the explosion clip sourced from


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