Planning update


Planning and time frame

Response to Assessment 1 feedback

More detail on the planning phase as requested:

The dead-pan look of the central character is featured as it represents an approach to performance that allows the viewer to engage at a greater level. The dead-pan look represents a stoic response to challenging events by the character rather than a judgement of those events and this approach invites the viewer to bring their own judgement to the subject matter rather than having a didactic view of those events imposed on the viewer.

The use of the camera frame as a proscenium arch is a shooting technique where the frame does not change, only action within the frame. This leads to a greater emphasis on the need for a control of audience focus on the most salient area of the frame that serves the narrative arc in each extended shot, rather than using the shift of camera framing to guide the audience’s attention. This technique, in my opinion, means that I feel I am watching events unfold rather than watching a camera watching the events and means I am more personally involved in the story-telling I am viewing. This is a technique that, in the hands of visual masters such as the film directors Ozu and Andersson and their cinematographers, continually produces shots that are composed of a mise-en-scene that can evoke the work of a masterpiece painting. This is in contrast to what is quite often seen: the camera continually shifting position and changing shot type. While I acknowledge the latter technique can be used to great effect in heightening tension and shock, my greatest admiration is for the former and therefore it is a technique I prefer to employ and try to understand in my study of film technique.

There is to be a contrast of presentation between the man when outside or inside his mind. This is achieved, when he is in the mind, by processing the man’s figure through a filter to lessen his presence in terms of colour saturation and contrast. This is to reflect the need for a lessening of the concept of self in order to enter the mind. However, this consideration needs to be balanced with the need for Reign Man to be the focus of the sequence inside the mind and a final decision will be made once the other elements are in place.

The colour scheme for inside the brain is based around shades of blue as this is the colour associated with electrical activity.

One of the most common responses to the question of what tinnitus sounds like is the sound of the cricket. I will therefore replace the vehicles and vehicle noise with images of crickets/grasshoppers and use source audio of a sound similar to high-pitched and persistent crickets.

Update to setting for last sequence: after Reign Man returns from his mind to the outer world, the setting for his respite has been changed. Instead of a room with a fire burning in the background, he now rests in an undefined space. This change acknowledges that, for the time being at least, he is not defined by that which is outside him. This change has the added advantage of giving the last scene a somewhat chiaroscuro effect with the strong contrast of the light on the foreground against the dark background.

Time frame

As the theme, narrative arc and timing are in place and I have completed visual tests on most of the effects I intend to use, I am confident that my previous schedule remains relevant and I will complete the project in the allotted time.
Here is the updated timeline:

Week Tasks
9 The following have been created and will be put in place:
00:21 Sheet lightning in street
02:01 Pulsing background and electric portal in brain
06:22 Emoji rainfall
17:21 Shattered explosion of large emoji
The following are to be finalised:
Various: Process and add extra stop motion images
22:17 Re-shoot room, process and replace
03:20 Create imaginary noise making vehicles representing tinnitus in brain
10 03:20 Finish design of background neurons
03:20 Electric pulsing and travelling light effects on neurons
03:20 Complete talking mouth work and looping
17:20 Muzzle Flash (already sourced) and flash reflection on character
11 22:17 Create effect of fire in hotbox in room
22:17 Warm Glow Effect for room
12 Final compositing work to ensure consistency of style of all elements.
13 Submit work

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