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The elements of an animatic.

The unit describes it as ‘a draft video assembled from your storyboard’. From research there seems to be a wide range as to how comprehensive it can be.
This video, shows the stages of a ‘progression reel’ as ‘storyreel’/’layout’/’animation’ with the two latter stages in colour, from the Disney movie, Monsters Inc.

While this black and white video, from the Iron Man 3 Animatics Supervisor, is very detailed in its depiction of the planned VFX units.

First animatic

This was my first animatic used to check my timing for the storyboard

Changes to the original animatic.

I removed the cartoon backgrounds of the streetscape and room because of the change to moving inside his mind and having Reign Man facing internal rather than external challenges. The story now required a very grounded outer world to increase the contrast with the imaginative inner world that he enters. This also meant the mouths that represented other people talking and were natural-looking in the outside world became more stylised once they became mouthpieces for his thoughts.

The progression of my synopsis and its animatic

Moving into the inner world.

The initial approach was to present the character facing external challenges with the suggestion that the result could be interpreted on a deeper level. Using much of the same material, I have now shifted the project’s focus to that deeper level. This is a subject of interest to me and also allows for a more interesting setting.

Updated Synopsis

Reign Man lives with a noisy traffic-filled mind, bothered by intrusive thoughts, binary thinking (the rain of emojis), and internal noise such as tinnitus. He travels inside his mind to deal with these challenges to give himself some peace for a while.

Notes re animatic

There are 11 stop motion images of the man in the animatic and there will be around 30 in the final project. This will heighten the contrast between the static units and the more active ones.
There is the possibility of reshaping the two motor vehicles into more abstract noise-making objects.
I have added a dramatic sky and rain in the opening sequence to help indicate Reign Man’s mood in that shot. This will contrast with the end scene, when it is finally composed, where the elements must combine naturally and be in harmony.
Originally, I had the camera zoom in only on the character in the last scene. Following feedback, I changed the scene so that the camera zoomed in on both the character and the room to give a more harmonious end to the story.
The video’s background song excerpt is appropriate to the theme and adds a slightly disturbing tone. Following feedback, I have increased the relative volume of the song to heighten the lyrics which has given the work a more pointed audio focus. This feedback made me realise that I was so used to hearing the song while working with it that I was not aware of the need to increase the volume for viewers not as accustomed to it.
I have run visual tests on most of the effects and these have been posted.


Apart from treatments such as Color Correction throughout to ensure consistency of all elements, text indicates VFX work  to be inserted.

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