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Breakdown of Le Miroir

Another example of manual as well as digital manipulation in putting a story on film.
I will be using replacement in the third act of my project.


It reminds me of the wonderful Mirror Scene from Duck Soup.  I wonder if this gag sequence was part of the inspiration for the above contemporary video.


Compositing Gaea

This breakdown video is very inspiring and it  is a meditation just in watching it. Amazing imagination and patience in the construction with an appropriate song to match.
Do I learn from this in constructing the suburban street (with a much much simpler treatment of course) or stay with the idea of a cartoon background?

Deadpan face #1

Buster Keaton’s use of the deapan look to highlight and contrast against the situations in which his character found himself is one of the great and intelligent uses of a lack of overt expression to emphasise the comedy.
Inspired by his work, the character in my piece will have the deadpan look.

Using the Imagination

This video clearly illustrates that including the concept of dreams in a story can produce a highly fantastic set of images and sequences when processed through a powerful and free-ranging imagination combined with highly skilled craft.
The video has received many awards and I am not surprised; it lifts us into the realms of the subconscious with its story, the rich voice of the narrator, the beautiful rendering of its pictures and the technical compositing skills of the filmmakers.
An inspiration to not be afraid to go down new paths in telling a story.