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The final synopsis for the storyboard

Reign Man
Synopsis: Reign Man lives in a noisy traffic-filled world of those who phone-chat loudly on public transport and in cafes and who communicate by emojis. He brings about change to arrive in a world where he has some control, where he reigns, even if only for a little while.
There are 3 acts: the first contains the exposition, we see what is troubling Reign Man; the second is his response to those annoyances and contains the action and audio climax; the third is the resolution when the conflict is resolved and peace reigns.
Theme: Coming home to yourself
Resources: Self-generated except muzzle flash video and sourced audio
Context: Stand-alone short
Audience: The metaphor-minded


Updated storyboard

Feedback to earlier storyboard: “Your storyboard is detailed, but unfortunately, it did not contain the most important part of a storyboard – and that is the description of the story. A storyboard must read like a “comic book”, where the reader (or in the movie industry- the director) can read it and understand the flow of the story. I can understand some parts of the story from your visual alone, and that is good. But it will be better if you can add a short description about what each scene means.”

My response: Storyboard updated to final version.

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Detailed storyboard

I sketched out a rough storyboard for myself as preparation (see earlier post below). Bearing in mind that the next task is the animatic, I then put together this detailed storyboard.
I then placed the storyboard in the After Effects timeline and ran the sequence to give me an idea of timing.
Doing it in colour has made me aware that the man’s shirt must be a different colour so the black umbrella he holds in front of him and the glass of red wine on the table can be clearly seen.